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Could Medicare Advantage Part C Offer You A Winning Hand?

When it comes to selecting the right Medicare plan, it’s often hard to know if you’re playing your cards right. Should you choose Original Medicare (includes Parts A and B)? Should you get a Medigap policy to cover the gaps of Original Medicare? Do you need Medicare Prescription Drug (Part D) coverage? Or is Medicare Advantage (Part C) your best play?

Before enrolling in Medicare Part C, you must first enroll in Parts A and B. You can then enroll in Part C during certain enrollment periods.

Why Choose Medicare Advantage (MA) Part C?

There are as many reasons for choosing an MA plan as there are cards in a deck. One reason —wanting health coverage and services above what Original Medicare offers. MA out-of-pocket costs vary by plans. A person paying a higher monthly premium might have lower out-of-pocket expenses. And all plans have a yearly out-of-pocket maximum.

Original Medicare is different from an MA plan. Original Medicare has no yearly limit on what you pay out of pocket. And members usually pay 20% of the Medicare-approved amount after meeting the deductible.

A popular reason in choosing an MA plan that includes drug coverage is that it combines Parts A, B, and D into one plan. That makes managing your Medicare easy!

What Are Features of Most MA Plans?

  • Includes everything covered in Original Medicare Parts A and B
  • May have a monthly premium in addition to the part B premium you pay to Medicare
  • Caps your yearly out-of-pocket spending

Some MA plans may offer:

  • Prescription drug coverage - be sure the plan you selected has it included
  • Added benefits that Original Medicare doesn't cover
  • A supplemental benefit that covers emergency and urgently needed services when traveling outside the U.S. (Original Medicare generally doesn’t cover services outside the U.S.); be sure to check the plan you choose and know exactly what’s covered

In most cases, MA members will need to use doctors and providers who are in the plan’s network for non-emergency care. Some plans offer non-emergency coverage out of network, but typically at a higher cost.

Original Medicare members can go to any doctor or hospital that takes Medicare anywhere in the U.S. Make sure they accept Medicare before scheduling your appointment.

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