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Getting Started on Your Medicare Journey…while You’re Still Working

Did you know you can take Medicare while still working? Here are 6 things to consider.

Considering Medicare and not sure where to start? Did you know you can take Medicare while actively working? Learn more about the steps you need to take.
Original Medicare can leave big gaps in coverage
For example, Original Medicare doesn’t cover prescription drugs or long-term care. And it only covers about 80% of your medical care costs. These gaps in coverage can be covered with plans such as Medicare Advantage plans, prescription drug plans and other coverage options.

6 things to consider when choosing Medicare coverage

  2. When considering Medicare Advantage plans or Medicare Supplement insurance, think about your specific needs. Make sure that the coverage meets your budget, health and wellness needs..
  4. While a Part D prescription drug plan is optional, consider the drugs you need now and possibly in the future. Look for plans that meet your current medication needs at a cost you can afford. Also, be aware that you might have to pay a penalty if you join a drug plan later. Finally, see if you’re eligible for a free Medication Therapy Management (MTM) program. It’s available through all Part D plans and helps members better manage their health and medications.
  6. Make sure your doctors accept the Medicare plan you’re considering. Also confirm that any doctors you want to see on your new plan are accepting new patients. Find out if you need referrals and if you have to pick your hospital and health care providers from a network.
  8. The quality of care and the types of services provided can vary greatly from one plan to another. A licensed insurance agent can help you review and compare plans to find the plan that fits you best.
  9. TRAVEL:
  10. Original Medicare doesn’t cover care outside of the United States. But you can buy supplemental insurance that offers travel coverage.
  11. COSTS:
  12. Carefully evaluate all costs. These include monthly premiums and deductibles, as well as how much you’ll pay for hospital stays, emergency services and doctor visits. You’ll want to get an estimate of what your costs will be before you retire.

Clarity and confidence

Our goal is simple: to provide you with clarity and confidence every step of the way. Our licensed insurance agents know Medicare inside and out. They take the time to learn about your health care needs and explain all of your coverage options to you clearly. You can count on us to help you take the guesswork and confusion out of the Medicare journey.

Coverage centered around you

When you’re ready to look at your options, we can help you find Medicare coverage designed to help you live healthier – and keep enjoying the life you love. Many of today’s coverage options include benefits like health coaching, wellness programs and fitness memberships at no additional cost. You’ve earned your Medicare benefits. We want to help you get the most from them.

Choosing the right plan for your needs

Everybody has different health needs. And there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all Medicare coverage. That’s why we offer you access to a range of Medicare coverage plans – including options that combine health and prescription drug coverage into one plan.

Choose from Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans and other coverage options.

Your next steps

Your health care needs are unique. We’re here to listen to your needs and help you understand your coverage options. Our licensed insurance agents are ready to walk you through your options and answer your questions each step of the way. Call now to begin mapping out your personalized journey.

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